Swedish tour, day two, Gävle.

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Gävle has 71,033 inhabitants (2010). 

People from across the world may have heard of the town on account of the Gävle Goat.

Since 1966, a 13-metre tall, 7-metre long, 3 tonne straw animal has been erected in the centre, as a giant replica of the traditional Swedish Christmas goat of straw and, nearly every year, is subject to vandalism when somebody sets it on fire. 

Locals have tried to protect the goat in many ways, including spraying it with a flame-resistant coating. 

Over its 49-year history, it has been attacked and destroyed 33 times.

Here are five of the strangest attacks on the Gävle goat

Andrew Berridge, viola player for Scottish Ensemble, took photos as the group travelled around Sweden on the Dancenet Sweden tour of Goldberg Variationsternary patterns for insomnia (27 Jan - 6 Feb 2016). This was the second time that the performance had come to Sweden; it premiered in Stockholm on 17 September 2015.