It is Friday the 13th, and we are in a big, industrial, Northern city in the UK, cowering under the threatened arrival of the innocuous sounding Abigail. Whether it's the weather or the building (amazing hangar-like warehousey vibe) or what, there is definitely a buzz in the air about this event. 

Two artistic collectives - one side dancers, one side musicians - take on an iconic piece from the classical canon, creating a new work that sits somewhere between a concert and a dance performance, taking bits from each tradition, using some, discarding the others; all to create something new which people may love or people may hate.  

There is something compelling about that.

Will the dance fans get an unexpected pleasure out of watching outstanding musicians performing complicated, endlessly circling and cascading notes, close up? 

Will the classical music fans understand and enjoy the dance - and do they need to?

How many fans of both contemporary dance and classical music exist in each city? Do they want to see the two things at the same time? 

Will the purists be forced to look away? Will people... and whisper this now... clap in between movements?

...clap in the actual performance, in response to something funny or touching or brave?
Take a look at the UK previews below for what the press have been saying so far, or buy tickets for all UK performances here.